Washer / Dryer Repair

Washing machines and dryers are some of the most important and noteworthy appliances in a household. Without these incredible appliances, we’d still be washing and drying our clothes by hand. They are a lifesaver and most certainly a time saver.

Because they are used so frequently, washing machines are often breaking down and having faults. We advise heavily against DIY repairs on washing machines because they are connected to a water line and an electricity supply simultaneously, mixing those two things is pretty dangerous and it’s best to leave it down to the pros.

When these appliances inevitably break down, it can cause a lot of frustration and end up with laundry building up in your home, causing further frustration afterward. To avoid frustration, it’s best to call Peter’s Appliance Repair, your number one pick for appliance experts. Our fantastic team is always on hand to provide professional and certified advice, in order to get your appliance back up and running as fast as possible. We guarantee satisfaction every time.

Why do they break down?

The reasons that your washing machine or dryer may be faulty or breaking down are many. To prevent more issues coming up, it’s very important that you get the issues inspected and repaired as soon as possible. For a professional, like the ones at Pete’s Appliance Repair, fixing these issues is easy and can be done quickly.

As we said above, we do not recommend doing DIY repairs. If your appliance is still under warranty you could risk voiding it and cause a tonne more damage than it’s worth if you’re not experienced in appliance repairs. Bringing in a professional engineer can increase the life of your appliance and provide the necessary steps to look after it correctly moving forward.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

You’ll know by now that both of these appliances make a bunch of noise when being used, but if you notice abnormal sounds such as clanking, crashing or cracking, it could indicate an issue is already there or on its way. You should have this inspected by a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your appliances. Peter’s Appliance Repair’s professional team is always on hand.

Washing machine leaking

When you see a leak, it’s easy to think the worst-case scenario. It can damage the walls and floors of your home and even other appliances. The main culprit when it comes to washing machine leakage is the water hose. Inspect this part for external damage and that water is flowing to your appliance. You may need part replacement, give us a call today.

The appliance won’t turn on at all

There are three things to check if your appliance isn’t turning on, the breaker in your home and the fuse in the plug, along with power actually being provided to the outlet. If you’ve already done all of these checks, call Peter’s Appliance Repair and schedule your inspection today.

My dryer isn’t heating up

A dryer needs heat production to dry your clothes, without it, you’ll just end up with wet, creased clothes. If your dryer isn’t hot enough when running, it could mean that the filter is blocked with lint caused by clothes in past cycles. You can simply vacuum the filter to fix troubleshoot this issue.

Should I consider a replacement?

For a dryer, the lifespan on average is 13 years. With the washing machine being around 11 years.

But this means nothing if you aren’t looking after your appliance as you should be. Peter’s Appliance Repair has a team of professional technicians who are ready to provide top-notch maintenance and fix any issues you may have, regardless of model or brand. You can be sure that when using our service, you’ll be happy with the results.