Oven Repair

Ovens are important to our household and the way we live our daily lives. We bake cookies with them, we cook homemade pizza in them, and when they break down it can turn our world upside down. When our appliances have issues, it can be easy to panic, but don’t worry. If you’re from around Gary, IN, give Peter’s Appliance Repair a quick call and schedule your repairs over the phone. Our certified professional technicians can be to your doorstep the same day to make the repairs.

Although they cover a wide array of appliances, our engineers are trained to make repairs to stoves and ovens of any model or make. So it doesn’t matter what brand or type of oven is in your home, we can fix it.

Why did it break down?

There’s a tonne of reasons that your oven could break down. It could be down to the circuits inside of the oven, the pilot light stopping, the door could be jammed or even the gaskets or thermostat that need repair or replacement.

Although you may believe that DIY repairs are cheaper than professional services, it’s often not the case. You could cause more damage to your appliance and even void the warranty, so it’s better to bring in the pros. There are however some small repairs you can do yourself, but they are recommended still for those who are confident and know their way around an appliance.

When repairs are not done correctly it can cost you a lot of cash, the equipment needed to provide repairs can cost a lot and DIY repairs can often be stressful if things aren’t going well.

Because this appliance is rigged up to electrical supplies, your safety should be considered. Around 20% of all electrically related deaths in America are caused by an appliance. This is another reason that you should bring in a professional who knows the safety regulations.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Oven not heating

If your oven is a gas oven, firstly ensure your pilot light is lit. If it’s an electrical oven, check that your fuse hasn’t blown or the breaker isn’t tripped. If power is being supplied to the appliance, it could be down to the element for heating that needs repairs or replacement. Before doing this check the grill to see if it’s working, if it isn’t and the heating elements are, the grill will need repairs instead.

If everything else seems fine, the thermostats or safety could be faulty. On top of that, you could have blown thermal fuses, this should be a simple replacement. Ovens can be hard to troubleshoot, but not for a professional engineer.

The door is either jammed or won’t close

A common issue is that the door can become jammed or won’t close properly. If your door won’t close fully, the hinges may be your culprit, along with the runner. If your issue does lay with the hinges, they can be recalibrated or replaced. If it’s not, your seal for the door might be worn and need replacing.

If your oven has the fantastic feature of self-cleaning, the latches that lock the doors may have issues. This causes your doors to not open and the self-cleaning will not begin.


Overheating of your oven can be caused by a faulty thermostat or damage to the senors, this can burn your food, but can also be very dangerous to you and your household. It’s important that you don’t try to repair this yourself.

Should I consider a replacement?

An oven, regardless of if a single or double, built-in version or a range, has an average lifespan of no more than usually a decade. We’ll probably recommend a replacement instead of repair, due to it being more cost-effective if yours is older than a decade. We’ll always provide the best solution for you. So call us today to enquire.