Ice Maker Repair

The convenience of an ice maker should not be underestimated. Instead of buying ice or making it in a tray, the ice comes to you in perfect cube form. When these machines become faulty, it can cause frustration, but don’t worry… You don’t have to buy a new machine.

By simply hiring a professional engineer from a repair company you can save cash and have your appliance fixed quickly. Peter’s Appliance Repair is your number one pick for this. Our team of professionals is certified and trained to deal with any issue you may have with your ice maker.

Types of Ice Makers We Repair

We service and repair the following styles of ice machine, Peter’s Appliance Repair of Gary, IN is your top pick for:

  • Ice machines that are portable
  • Built-in freezer ice machines
  • Standalone ice machines
  • Built-in appliance ice machines

Common Ice Maker Issues

There are a few common issues that can be seen often when an ice maker is having issues. Some of them are:

1.     The appliance won’t make ice cubes

The first thing to check if your ice maker isn’t making ice cubes is the water supply line. This should be checked even if your ice cubes appear smaller than usual. Ensure that these lines are not blocked, damaged and are connected securely. If they are this can be cleared with relative ease.

If your filter becomes damaged or blocked, it can also cause issues with water flow. We recommend that filters are replaced every 6 months. Our team of engineers is trained to troubleshoot and fix any issue with your ice machine.

2.     The ice maker is freezing

If your ice maker’s water flow is freezing before hitting the mold, you won’t have any ice cubes and will simply have large blocks of ice. Usually, the culprit for this is the thermostat, although it can sometimes be due to the temperature setting being too low, which you can manually change.

Once you’ve checked your temperature settings and consulted your manual for the appliance to make sure you’re setting it correctly. If it’s working, great. If not, then you should call a professional service to troubleshoot your issue.

3.     Ice cubes don’t break free from the machine

This issue can be really frustrating because you’re getting the ice but you can’t put it in your drink! This often is because the appliance’s mode is set incorrectly. Quickly check your manual, which can often be found online, to ensure your settings are correct.

Most conventional ice machines have a control arm outside of the device. This can be lowered and raised to change the amount of ice being made. When it’s raised, usually this stops production altogether.

When the arm is in a downward position, you’ll get ice. Although this may sound strange, it’s actually a pretty common call we get. If all of this is okay, call us today and we’ll take a look over the appliance.

Call Peter’s Appliance Repair of Gary, IN

Avoid unwanted frustration and call us today. We’re on hand to give you quick, budget-friendly and trustworthy repairs or maintenance. We want to ensure that the impact of having a faulty appliance is minimal so we’ll aim to fix your problem as soon as possible.

We are able to provide repairs and maintenance to all popular brands of ice maker, so call us today for your appointment.