Freezer Repair

A freezer keeps our food fresh for longer than any other appliance. We take these appliances for granted until they actually begin to become faulty. When they do become faulty, where do we put all of the frozen food? No one wants to lose out on 100s of dollars of food and no one wants to make a mess.

If your appliance has issues, we can help. Peter’s Appliance Repair Service is always on hand, 24 hours a day, to provide you the number one appliance repairs to all of Gary, IN. We even provide emergency repairs.

Why did my freezer breakdown?

There’s an endless number of reasons why your freezer may break down. The drain hose could be clogged. The coils for the condenser could be jammed with debris. It could also be the fan for the evaporator, the seals for the door could be damaged. If it’s not any of these things it could be the compressor, thermostat or the relay for power.

It doesn’t matter the problem, if you don’t know your way around an appliance, we recommend against DIY repairs. You should also be happy to work with electricity while following the recommended safety guidelines and avoiding any hazards that come with electrical equipment. If you don’t have experience or qualifications, don’t try DIY.

Trial and error can end up costing you more cash than you were hoping and can even cause more damage to the appliance, thus often voiding your warranty. Your safety is important and so is the safety of those around you. For this reason, you should bring in a professional engineer to repair the appliance for you. It won’t break the bank and it’ll save you unwanted frustration.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Freezer making loud clicking noises

If your freezer appears to be working as usual, but it’s making strange clicking noises, then the culprit could be the compressor or the relay for starting the compressor. Usually, your freezer will make an ambient noise, but you’ll notice if this changes to a clicking noise.

The relay that provides power to the compressor which is mentioned above can sometimes burn out or stop providing power, if this happens it’ll need replacing. If after the replacement it continues, it could be that the motor for the fan needs a replacement. Also, the mounts for the compressor could be worn, if they are they need replacement.

The freezer doesn’t run, or when it does it isn’t icy cold

If your freezer does not turn on, usually this is down to the supply of power getting to the freezer. The first thing to check is the breaker in your home to ensure it hasn’t tripped, then check the fuse in the plug, if these don’t fix the issue, call us ASAP.

If you notice that your freezer is cold, but not cold enough, it could be that the vents are blocked and airflow is poor. It could also be down to the evaporator the coils in the condenser that could be covered with debris. We are able to fix these issues with ease.

Freezer is leaking

No one wants a leaking appliance. If your freezer is leaking inside or outside of the appliance, it could

If you notice water inside the freezer or outside on the floor, the water inlet valve might be damaged. If not that, check to see if the drain tube is clogged.

Should I consider a replacement?

Freezers have a relatively long life expectancy compared to other home appliances. If you’ve had yours for over 17 years, though, instead of getting it repaired frequently, consider purchasing a new machine. Our team can help you select a model that will suit your needs. We can also get your new unit setup and remove your old one.

If your freezer has lost its cool, get in touch today.