Brands We Repair

We are your number one Gary appliance repair specialists, servicing all popular brands and models of the appliance while providing the most up to date service around. Below is a little information on the brands we repair and maintain:


GE, who headquarters from central Boston is a multinational company that provides everything from power, finance all the way to healthcare. Their subsidiary, GE appliances, is one of the giants in the appliance world.

GE manufacture dryers, air conditioners, filtration, dishwashers, freezers, and washing machines. They provide innovative appliances such as fridges that prepare coffee to self-cleaning ranges. GE has been a leader for innovation for a long time, and customers know that. A whole 150 years of innovation.


Samsung is a household name all over the world, but they hail from the Korean city of Seol. You’ll notice that they produce more than just appliances, but cellphones and other electronics too. Their fantastic range of appliances includes fridges, ranges, washing machines, air conditioners, cooking appliances and much more.


Bosch is a giant company from the UK which stands on the pillars of innovation by making fantastic appliances that improve your home life. Every year they submit over 900 patents. Bosch surely makes waves in the appliance industry every single year. Bosch makes beautiful designs for their appliances as well as making long-lasting, quality products.


LG’s aims are to make life better, at least that’s what their website says. The appliances they make innovate to the next level, especially in the kitchen and laundry, helping both of these things become easier for the customer, you.

This company sells any appliance from washing machines, dryers, combinations of both, dishwashers, vacuums and even more.


Maytag prides itself in quality, they provide, with every product, 10 years of warranty. Their products are dependable and high quality, and giving a warranty shows this. And not to mention that they only work alongside the most reliable repair services, like Peter’s Appliance Repair. Some of the appliances they make are dryers, washers and many other appliances for your kitchen.


Kenmore has been a household name providing premium quality appliances for over a century. Their appliances perform excellently and are efficient thanks to the innovation of the company and the features. They provide a huge selection of appliances, chances are if you can think of it, they make it.


Viking provides restaurant-quality kitchen appliances for your home, thanks to the fact they are part of the Middleby Corporation who are the number one kitchen appliance maker worldwide for commercial environments. You can literally bring a restaurant kitchen to your home.

They provide anything from ovens to fridges, dishwashers, and ranges.


The key is in the name when it comes to Frigidaire, and although they provide a huge range of home appliances, they focus on fridges with plenty of different models to pick from. Other appliances they provide are electric, induction and gas ovens, dryers, air-conditioners, and water filter systems.

It doesn’t matter which brand you pick, appliances can always break down and won’t always work smoothly. So when they break down, you can always depend on a company like Peter’s Appliance Repair of Gary, IN. Give us a call today.